About us

What do you get by investing in Iberian Yield?

By investing in Iberian Yield Investments, you gain direct access to low-risk, high-quality real estate projects with attractive valuations. We work from a thorough strategy, taking action and actively managing to create high quality investment solutions at the forefront.


We are a privately owned real estate investment company

Iberian Yield Investment is a privately owned real estate investment company that offers wealthy individuals, companies with excess liquidity and small and medium-sized institutions the opportunity to invest in the Spanish real estate market. We are focusing on the growing build to rent (BTR) market and on new construction in attractive locations in the affordable housing segment.

Our focus

We identify and analyse potential investments

Our most fundamental task is to identify and analyse potential projects in order to make investments with high potential returns at relatively low risk. We combine knowledge of real estate investment, development with new technologies and financial solutions. In addition, we work with proven financial methods and models that help us increase the precision of our decisions.

Experience excellence

Strategy to increase value

For acquisitions we use the following criteria
Strategic location with good demand.
Potential for value growth and lease optimisation.
Good potential for positive impacts from the introduction of new technologies.
Good conditions regardless of timing and macro events.

Higher occupancy rates and optimised capital structures

We basically apply a traditional property development process, i.e. active leasing and efficient management, which reduces costs and increases income. In parallel, we are also working on yield compression measures, through volume and portfolio building, restructuring of financing and optimisation of leases. This gives us stronger cash flows and higher returns, enabling future investments.


Technology and trends driving returns

Iberian Yield’s focus is on applying new but proven technologies, not only by digitising existing property operations, but also by identifying future trends and adapting properties to increase revenue. It can also mean completely rebuilding the property or reorienting them for other uses and tenants, known as tenant adaptation.


Portfolio strategies and yield compression

We look beyond individual properties and aim to bring together smaller individual holdings into more strategic and cohesive portfolios. Primarily to create an easy to sell holding, which holds together and therefore also has lower expected returns from a buyer. Exit strategies and investment directions are set early and dictate the entire process leading up to the realisation and exit of the value created.

By owning, developing and managing real estate, Iberian Yield will contribute to the sustainable development of the local community.