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Iberian Yield is active in affordable housing, a concept that has grown internationally and is now a housing sector in its own right in several countries, including Spain. The corresponding Swedish translation could be “affordable housing” or “affordable housing”. In short, it is about offering rental housing to those who have a slightly higher income than those who are eligible for social sector housing, but who in most cases cannot afford the housing offered on the regular housing market. One of the characteristics of affordable housing is that it should be sustainable and of good quality, built in a space-efficient manner and on a large scale.

Together with a local partner, Iberian Yield has set up Lagoom Living, which focuses on sustainable and affordable real estate. Through Lagoom Living, we are responsible for the entire process, from market research to the acquisition of building rights and the development and assembly of the apartments. As an investment, it offers good returns and low risk.

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Iberian Yield Investment är ett investmentbolag som investerar i fastighetsutveckling samt långsiktigt äger och förvaltar fastigheter. Vi möjliggör investeringar på den spanska fastighetsmarknaden med aktiv ledning och professionell portföljhantering. 

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