Rental housing is a strong growth market in Spain

The market for rental housing is growing rapidly in Spain and in Malaga in particular. The trend is being driven by several factors, including tougher requirements from banks, which means fewer people are getting loans to buy a home. Generational change has also increased demand for rental housing as younger people see the benefits of a more flexible housing solution. Another important factor is housing policy in Spain. Decision-makers want to push the housing issue from ownership, which has been the dominant one for the past 40 years, to rental housing.


Focus on sustainable and affordable properties

Iberian Yield, together with a local partner, has launched BTR Lagoom Living, a real estate company focused on sustainable and affordable housing. Through Lagoom Living, we acquire building rights and develop and complete rental apartments. Lagoom Living has in a short time become the natural partner for the development of affordable housing in the Malaga region. Since its inception in 2021, we have become Malaga’s largest operator in new construction of rental apartments.


Unique investment opportunity

We offer a unique opportunity to invest in an asset portfolio of affordable housing developments in one of Spain’s fastest growing and most prominent cities, Malaga. You get exclusive access to low-risk, high-quality real estate investments at attractive valuations. The risk-adjusted return on Spanish real estate is very competitive. The management and development of portfolio assets is active.