Lagoom Living signs unique cooperation agreement

Lagoom Living signs unique cooperation agreement with Andalucian Federation of Property Developers. The agreement was signed on 23 January and represents a strategic alliance to coordinate the work of Lagoom Living and Fadeco Promoters (The Andalusian Federation of Property Developers) in 2023 and to promote collaboration between the private and public sectors in Andalusia. The common goal is to develop, analyse and implement activities to make the rental housing market accessible to the whole community, more specifically the younger generation, generation Z.

Lagoom Living, together with Fadeco Promoters, has set up an executive working committee with the aim of:

  • Communicating the benefits of private-public sector collaboration and responding to the problem of the low supply of affordable, high quality rental housing.
  • Propose measures in the rental housing sector that balance the interests of business and government, with a particular focus on the needs of the community.
  • Formulate and present suggestions for improvement in the field to various authorities.

Various authorities are calling for private-public partnerships and tenders to build affordable, high-quality rental housing, but interest from private operators has not always been so high. With this in mind, Ignacio Peinado, president of Fadeco, and Filip Gil and Javier Braza, board members of Lagoom Living, have agreed that there is a great need for an innovative cooperation agreement such as this, based on a thorough analysis of the situation. The analysis will be carried out through studies comparing legislation across the country that governs the development of quality and affordable rental housing. The aim is to propose changes in the regulatory framework but also in procurement that will drive the structure of construction and the development of quality and affordable rental housing. They hope that this will improve the conditions for building quality and affordable rental housing, using existing forms of cooperation between private and public actors.

Both Lagoom Living and Fadeco Promoters are highly committed to driving community development and approach each project with a focus on sustainability, technology, creating a community for residents and maintaining the urban character of our city centres. To achieve this, the sites for this type of construction also need to be made available to private operators and administrative processes need to be made more reasonable, putting the needs of citizens first.

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