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Martin Berchtold


Martin is an innovative business leader with international experience. The focus has been on project origination and financing of capital intensive projects, responsible for risk management and optimisation of the early stages of the investment process. Previous experience includes roles as Partner and CEO of asset development companies, real estate companies and management consulting firms. Founder and co-owner of Bokoop, which is one of the major initiatives in Sweden to build affordable housing together with AP3, Balder and SBB (Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget). Martin holds a degree in Economics from Stockholm University with studies in Systems Science at the Royal Institute of Technology. His career has taken him to Europe, India and China, while living in Stockholm and London.

Filip (2)

Filip Gil


Filip has a banking background with experience in M&A, company building and financing. Filip has the ability to find effective solutions in terms of corporate structures and joint ventures in different industries. Filip started his career in banking in Stockholm and New York and has 25 years of experience in global financial markets. His background as a currency trader, stockbroker and asset manager has given him an insight into macro trends. Filip holds a degree in Business Administration from Stockholm University.